Friday, July 10, 2009

Filled to the Brim

Do you ever have days where you feel endless? Like there's not a thing you cannot do if you really set your mind to it?

Yesterday I patiently waded through thick sadness, asking for companionship and what should occur? While journaling on the sweet back porch next to the climbing rose, my neighbor came out and told me a story about chasing a wildly snaking garden hose about after it had gone rogue and splashed him in the face.

I belly-laughed and we talked for a good 15 minues before he went on about his daily errands.
I looked up with tremendous gratitude. God was listening. As the day wore on invitations came for fairs and weekends and my heart soared to infinity with the goodness around me.

I went for a run, experiencing for the first time since college the desperate need to feel the wind whipping across my hair and some anthemic song blasting in my ears..... St. Elmo's Fire theme song "Man in Motion" really makes you feel like you can conquer the stars.... what a feeling.

I have a surplus of energy today, and I am going to go into the studio and grow that into something tangible.

I know there are those of you reading this who may be having a day, or a series of them - to you I extend the warmest hug a body can give
and the desire to tell you that beyond the doorway of this ache
lies something so divine you cannot even imagine it now.

We are tested so we can be bigger than our current shell allows.
We shed and molt so that we can adapt to the seasons of our lives.

On a side note, I found a cab today that made me cry, and even though it was deeply expensive, I bought it because I know it belongs to someone.

UPDATE: The stone has a worthy and amazing home now, thank you for responding!

It is one of the most stunning crosses I have ever seen and looks as though it is painted at dawn - if it belongs in a piece of jewelry for you please write to me via Etsy or here.


Dave said...

Have a great weekend kid.


Nancy*McKay said... heavenly...ooOOooh

Michaela Dawn said...

You sweet lady:))))

Of corse this makes me smile!

The Noisy Plume: said...

Of course I'm smiling too!
Thanks for the peace you gave me yesterday.

Aspen Wear said...

Thank you for your wise and beautiful words. They were needed.