Monday, July 13, 2009

A Good Way

To spend a vulnerable, soft day is to make something beautiful, and so I did.

I finished a long-promised custom order whose setting was waiting for this new symmetrical phase I am going through - there was no other way!!

A huuuuuuuge morrisonite cabochon, a very valuable and sought after material - I didn't understand all the fuss until I had a piece in front of me: it is magic.
I made a turquoise ring for my best girlfriend who reads this blog only one every blue moon, so hopefully she checks in after it ships tomorrow!

Lastly, here is one for you: a little tiny tree inside of a piece of boulder opal with a gentle stem - like a ginko leaf.
On the ring band is the word, "Life", a little tree of life in size 7 with sprouts.

This little gem will be in the Metal Shop this evening.


angie said...

oh *sigh* there's that morrisonite...

reconstructing sarah said...

you've got a way with stones.


susie said...

Art therapy.

Thank you for stating so eloquently what many of us think but cannot find the words to express.

Everytime I think I'm learning about stones, you show me something I haven't seen. This little grasshopper is slowly buying a stone at a time with a more discriminating eye. Have a good one!