Thursday, July 23, 2009


update: goal attained thanks to one of my verrrry favorite etsy crushes!

I am one sale away from 500 in the Leather Shop - that's almost 500 things made with my hands!!
Yowsers, I am excited to hit that mark!

That is all, carry on.


susie said...

Congratulations and continued success!! I like the idea of sound therapy - today I will be invibing in some Jimmy Buffet therapy perhaps followed by some margarita therapy after the work day is done. Fill those wells any way you see fit.
P.S. Those Ranier cherries look yummy- I get so excited when I see them at the store!

Aspen Wear said...

Ooh, you've now hit 500! Congrats! :)

Nancy*McKay said...

...YOU are just toooo CUTE...!!!

Runs4fun said...
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