Sunday, September 26, 2010

As Girly As it Gets

This weekend my dear girlfriend Hannah came to stay with me in San Jose, a much needed ladies' weekend in her suitcase.

It was magical, blissful and all manner of lovely.

We went to a massive Flea Market that happens every weekend, come rain or come shine in San Jose: it was mostly produce and tschotskes and there was NO haggling, and for a girl who spent four years in NYC, that was a heartache.

I gave in.

I am not proud: I didn't even walk away for dramatic effect!!!


Don Juanski was not there today, unfortunately.

Jones was all charm, no filler

And we painted our toes, remarking on how good it felt to give oneself a proper pedicure on a stoop
instead of breathing the fumes at a nail shop.

We laughed,
we cried**,
we ate scones
Hannah tooled her first leather scrap
we watched Freaky Friday and cringed at Hollywood scripts
There was some cabbing
some lox on toast
and braised greens
and I became obsessed with Priday Plume Agates.

The End.

**it was better than Cats!!!!
(the musical, not the beloved fur children.)



Good Girls Studio said...

What a fun weekend! Looks like you got your love tank filled :) (Jones is adorable)

Michaela Dawn said...

The coral toes are a charm, and your time spent with Hannah sounds like a very special treat you shared together. Gotta adore good friends. Just gotta!

Thanks for sharing you girls time with us:)


MrsLittleJeans said...

What a perfect weekend, and that Jones...Oh my, I want to kiss him! xoxo

Nancy*McKay said...

...i think Jonesy really wants his pawdicure too...

The Noisy Plume: said...

I miss Don Juanski........he is my all time favorite Polack.....besides my daddy.