Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Redeeming Graces

Two pieces of the most spectacular Mexican Fire Opal, the big'n shining all sorts of green, teal and purple fire, the baby sporting red, yellow and orange.
Together, they are a rainbow of fire.

In a brambled vine they are set, like blackberries too ripe to hold on...

Hence the peeling bezel on the giant fire opal: it's fruit, ripe and ready. I could not resist the urge to peel, the stone told me it was right.

And the stone, as usual, was spot on.

This heirloom ring is a size 8.

Little Lantern earrings, beautiful and rare vintage Japanese Cherry Brand beads: delicately spun glass.


Arizona turquoise oval studs, hand hewn, no pre-made bezel cups in these parts, sir!!!

Blue as the sky, healing and delicate.

From far away you'd miss this beautiful boulder opal from Australia...

but up close, BEHOLD that shine, that green and blue and purple fire! This one I cabbed myself.
The top is a mesa because of the artist's desire to keep the freckles and fire: wear down an opal too much and you lose the very opal you're trying to highlight.

Strung on links of black, shiny hearts.

Dear Sir ring in Queensland agate: writing letters whilst wearing this would be awesome.
Size 10.

Oh, the colors!!!!

Lastly, and with a tremendous amount of joy and relief, a volcano necklace. Relief because I finally found the perfect design for this opal whose fire is nearly dangerous:

This is super-up-close, but unretouched. It is THIS green. And then some.

The necklace measures nearly 2o inches long but it can be clasped anywhere along the links with the lobster claw clasp that closes it.

All of these pieces will be in the Metal Shop tomorrow, not sure on the timing of the listings: just poke around every now and then!!!

Thank you so much for the emails, convos and comments regarding Anthony's Grandpa: we spent a few days in Sacramento with Schmilly's sister Beth.
She has developmental disabilities and we didn't want her to hear the news over the phone.
There were a lot of tears and a lot of remembering:
what a beautiful, tight-knit family I've been lucky enough to become a part of....

And you, on all your continents and in all of your countries with your kindness and wise words...
Gratitude is a poor word for my feelings toward your generous hearts.




Anonymous said...

Tears and remembering sound just right for the time you're in . . . glad you could be together to comfort each other.

About your work: there's an almost dizzying number of beautiful pieces and detail, but I must say that I love when you peel silver. Such a neat design, and such a lovely result.

Ann from Montana said...

Tears and remembering - the things we can and must do. So glad you could be together.

Gorgeous pieces...I hope to snaggle those turquoise studs!!

emmy d said...

I just squeeled and nearly choked on my pilaf when I saw that volcano necklace. Baby oh baby.

Keeping you and Anthony's family in my prayers.