Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Custom Love and a Note About Speed

Dearest Dearests,

I wanted to share this photo with you, a custom order I just completed for the Metal Shop:
I am too excited about this stone!!! The setting was a joy to make.

I feel kind of like time is going really, really fast and I've been wearing all of these hats running both shops....
some weeks I excel with the pace, and some I am not so great.

This week, today in particular, I am having some big old heart palpitations, which is my body's way of saying, 'slow down'.
I've been grieving a few things, which contributes.

So, I am listening.

Convos may be long in being returned - if it's an emergency, please know it will be attended to immediately, but otherwise my turnover may be a bit longer than usual.

Please, please don't stop writing: our correspondence is a big part of my daily joy.
Just bear with the return rate ;)

Pieces will certainly continue to march into the shops with joy, it just will depend on the day as to how much gets done.

If I've promised your custom order will be done this week, please know that it may not be until next week.

Our bodies are deeply, deeply wise.
May we care for them with the same inherent wisdom.



Nialah said...

*hugs* Invites you over for a cup of tea and a cupcake

Anonymous said...

Slowing down sounds like a good idea . . . take care of yourself.

UmberDove said...

Yes miss, yes.

bonddi said...

so feeling the palpitations, I get them too, and my left side goes numb, and then I think I am having a stroke and dying.....working on my stress management....your emotional being is trying to get attention, you will be fine:)

Dave said...

You must slow down and take a bike ride...

then sit and listen to some music...

I recommend you find that song, "Yellow" by Charlotte Kendrick... It always puts me right.


Cat said...

*kiss*kiss* breath easy!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I second everyone....rest ,rest, and smile your gorgeous smile! xoxoxo

cabbingrough said...

Hope you're kicking back and relaxing today - that new piece is just stunning!

Nancy*McKay said...

...time to smell the roses...plus...anticipation makes the custom orderer's heart grow fonder...trust me! BIGhug!