Saturday, September 4, 2010







Well, we've got a woman who has her first new bike since she was a kid.

And it seems, in a way, to have turned her back into just that:

a happy kid.

*note to those concerned: a helmet will always be worn in the future: this was the first ride to check the brakes, tires and alignment. Carry on :) And extra super grateful thanks to Julie and B. Rose, the bikiest people I know!!!!

EDIT: her name is Paulette, an offshoot of Pulpette, which I could not stop thinking when I looked at her all shiny and new.


Heather Fawn said...

I ABSOLUTELY love the fact that you're barefoot!!!!

Your bike is super cute, I love the orange!!!!!

I haven't been on a bike since I was a kid......The thought of jumping on one now, scares me a wee bit :) You go lady!

kerin rose said...

j'adore my bicyclette! lets go flying down the big hill by my house screaming as loud as we can!!!!!!!!!

love l'orange! she needs a good name!

kerin rose said...

h!...I have to leave another comment..because the word verification is:

perin !!!!!!

kerin perin


susie said...

Oh- I love her! I may have to find myself some yarn in that exact shade today, it makes me happy seeing you so happy, enjoy your new ride.

Lizzy Derksen said...

Yes, name her!

I love Katy, my red cruiser, but I'm still more than a little jealous of your brand new, orange bike.

Corinna said...

Allison! I have been mostly MIA, with a little lurking thrown in, over these past few months. But this is me saying Hello Again! And that your stories and your photos and your art, and yes most certainly this fantastic new bike, buoy me up. Thank you, my dear Sunny, and RIDE ON!!


RosyRevolver said...

I just got a new one too!!! Let's meet in the middle of the country for a bike ride.

Violet Cadburry said...

You've got wheels again...the green kind...after trying every type of wheel out there, including roulette, gotta say, nothing is sweeter or less expensive than a bicycle.

Dave said...

wonderful... it looks alot like Lori's fat tire bike too...

Of course you would go for Orange and name it... have fun...


Taddyporter said...

Bikes are awesome and I find it almost impossible to not feel giddy with joy when zipping around on one wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! and that colour is exquisite! Flame orange!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You finally got it! I particularly like the color *grin*

I am imagining you riding over to Philz to enjoy their wonderful brew .. Miss you, lady! *HUGS* and *LOVE*