Monday, September 6, 2010

Mama and Baby

"Luna Sotto Le Ali"

Wind Under Your Wings....
may you fly with the freedom and grace of our ever-changing night companion, the moon.
Inside of "Sotto", a tiny crescent moon and star, inlaid with love.

In both pieces, hundreds of rivets and oceans of affection.

Baby (still formidable at 9X6X3) in the Leather Shop tomorrow.


P.S. - note my fingers in the 4th picture: brown antique is a cruel mistress!!


Heather Fawn said...

(Gasping for Air) Divine, Exquisite, Ravisihing!!!!! Oh your poor hands. I bet the stain does a number on them but I can only imagine what the riveting must do?!?! Each talent you posess and share with the world never fails to make my jaw drop to the floor. You work shines just like you do!
P.S. I hope that you got a chance to enjoy your bright, new, beautiful bike!

Anonymous said...

So perfect! The colors are glorious; well worth the stained fingers.

Terra said...


dailycoyote said...


DalaHorse said...

Allison.....the detail in this piece is absolutely amazing...the colors outstanding....your commitment to seeing this thru worth every minute...sheer beauty!

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

gosh darned you are a talented woman Allison!

John Dearden said...

That is a seriously beautiful bag. If I only carried a purse :)

RosyRevolver said...

Holy shit. In the best possible way.


Katherine said...

Gorgeous. Gorgeous!!!!

Vita said...

Ohhhh myyyy gaaaash!!! It's MAGNIFICENT!!! :)))))

Kristine said...

You make such beautiful things.
Both your leatherwork and your Jewelry.
Huge compliments
have a lovely sunday ;)