Saturday, September 11, 2010


This two year old blog post sums it all up, always will.



Nancy*McKay said...

...i find ALL of our stories fascinating...& fascinating that we ALL have our stories of that day...xoxo

jordan said...

there's a great poem by Ani Difranco regarding september 11th and the governmental craziness surrounding it - can't remember what it's called but i'll get you the title. it makes me cry every time. my cousin moved to manhattan 3 weeks prior to 9/11 and was awoken by the first plane hitting the first tower that morning. a journalism student at NYU at the time, he was thinking of heading down to the towers to see what was going on - good thing he decided not to, just like it's a good thing you slept in that morning. i can't imagine having been there. it was haunting enough to see it play out on TV that day.

MrsLittleJeans said...

terrible cousin who lives in Manhattan lost her fiance that very sad!