Sunday, September 19, 2010

Latigo Love

Several Months ago, I bought a full hide of Latigo Leather with no real purpose other than I was madly in love with its supple (oil tanned) feel and incredible, luminous red wine hue.

I'd been ruminating lately on just what needed to become of this masterpiece, so I tried EVERYTHING I could think of to see where this hide belonged in my creative life.

I baked bread and poured cream over strawberries with rose sugar and we talked about the weather, pleasantries and histories...

I was thrilled to find that Latigo was a guitar picker, but once we started playing I realized, sadly, that he was no Matt Coleman....

So we read up on Perfume on the porch swing until we got Sunday Afternoon sleepy

It was while in slumber, watched over by my nap-guard Jones, that I finally realized what Latigo was destined for:

This, oh THIS.

UPDATE: A Wonderful Lady Snapped this Badgirl Up!!! Thanks for the convos and interest!!

A wide swirling asymmetrical cuff with tooled leather overlay, hand stitched and painted to perfection with rustic tones perfect for fall.

Roses, wildflowers...

My favorite Lichen Turquoise

Brand mark intact...

Metal Snap - the cuff fits a 7 inch wrist!!

pierced sterling silver peeking out from behind the stitches...

A magical piece of my heart for the leather shop.

The End.

Happy Sunday, my dear faraway friends!!



Corinna said...

Eeek! You are too funny and way too talented. I'm workin' on the weekend, and this made my day.


kerin rose said...

well, that Latigo sounds like he played hard to get!...sooo worth it in the end! ...gorgeous!

Lizzy Derksen said...

This is stunning. Beautiful. Feel proud of yourself. The conversation paid off.

Nialah said...

Such a cute blog post. And an absolutely stunning cuff from an amazing woman.



Cat said...

oh, you made me holler out loud with that beauty!!!

Kiki said...

I loved every minute of this blog post. I wish I had a nap guard as dedicated as your little friend!
Amazing work as always!

Heather Fawn said...

I love the post! The love the cuff! I love you!!!!

susie said...

Yowza- In love with the work that's been springing from those hands of yours. I'm off to get a better look, wishing you a wonderful Sunday evening. Take care.

Anaya said...

Oh, that's a lovely way to use it! I'm so glad I helped talk you into buying it! *grin* Miss you, sweet lady!

MrsLittleJeans said...

My goodness, I think I need to put my head on your pillow! Lovely! xoxo

Nancy*McKay said... that's what i call LATIGO LOVE...congrats to the lady snapper, she's got one BEAUTIFUL work of art... XOXO

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Oh Allison, I love every single thing about this post! The breakfast together, the reading on the porch - I just love it! And it is absolutely no surprise to me that someone snatched this up asap - it is exquisite!


mme. bookling said...

I need one of your cuffs like I need chocolate, red wine, and breath!

dailycoyote said...

OMG this post is hilarious... you are the cutest and that cuff is incredible!

Alice Istanbul said...

This made me smile. I love how you coaxed that leather with conversation and song.

jordan said...

wowwee lady!! so beautiful! glad it got snatched up right away, that's a keeper of a piece!

jordan said...

haha mme i love that the last thing in your list of needs was breath ;)

westbyron said...

MORE!!! Come on! I love those little white flowers especially...and the stitching.

gallerydarrow said...

That relationship between you and the latigo is an absolute hoot! (cute hair btw)

Gorgeous work Allison!

xo, Ro

UmberDove said...


I think quality time spent over bread and notes is the only way to a hide's soul, not to mention napping (wherein most leather does like to get a little frisky-cozy if you know what I mean).

But really miss. Something is happening in you, something new, something so full, so divine...

Sunny Rising Leather said...

My women, thank you so much for the response to this post:
Latigo says 'thank you' as well ;)

Corinna: Cannot wait to hear what you've been up to!!

Kerin: He really, really did :) Hugs, darling!!

Lizzy: Aw, thanks!! :) xoxoxoxo

Nialah: Blush!!!!!! Get over here and have tea with me!!!

Cat: I hope you didn't wake any neighbors!!! ;) xo

Kiki: I can loan out the Jones on request ;)

Heather: Ditto, Sweet One!!!! oxoxoxo

Susie: It's been springing alright, I am bounding along behind it trying to keep up :)

Annie: I love you love you love you. Come back to my home soon :)

MLJ: my couch is your couch, friend!!! Roadtrip?

Nancy: Thanks, Dearest!!! Cannot wait to get over to your beautiful blog and look at your weekend!!

Jaime: reading on the porch is heavenly: should you ever find yourself in CA, my porch is open!! :) xo

Mme: *humbly bows* - it would be an honor to adorn your wrist :) xoxoxox

Shreve: Aw, man, thanks!!! :) Blush!!!!!!!!

Alice: IS there any better way to coax leather??? lol! xoxoxoxox

Jordan!!!! Hi, Lovely!!!! Ah, she was fast ;)

Westbyron: OK!!!!! ;) !!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Ro: Cannot wait to see what your bits and bobs on the workbench become: thanks for stopping by my blog!!! :)

Umber: I feel kinda pregnant, creatively. Pickles and ice cream, ahoy!!!! :)

Tasha Imajin said...

Haha! Reading on the porch swing! I love it. I'm so happy Mr. Hide finally spoke after being so coy. You made a beautiful cuff and I only wish it was coming home to me. Gorgeous!

jessi sawyer said...

Swooooooooooooooon! (oh, that cuff). I am so pleased yours and Latigo's relationship blossomed - what a treat!

Kim said...

I went from smiling at your super cute post to oohing and ahhing over that cuff! Beautiful work!

The Noisy Plume: said...


CrowNology said...

You are {so so} precious! :)
After all that love how could anything, but a piece amazingly beautiful, come from it?

she said...

okay, i'm behind the times here, but i just have to say:

1. you are adorable
2. this piece is a sight to behold, so full of soul i can feel it all the way from here.