Friday, September 10, 2010

oh magosh X 12 million

I spent the day in the studio making pieces with opals, Mexican and Australian to be exact:

I am freaking out with excitement.

I would show you pictures, but they're all in the deeply ugly phase of their youth: the gawky phase - let me show you mine, as an example:

Click on the picture if you want an overpowering dose of awkwardness, complete with SALLY JESSE RAPHAEL RED GLASSES.

Are your eyes bleeding yet?
Are you painfully recalling your own eye-singeing in-between stages?
Would you like to tell me about them in the comment section and we'll laugh through the tears!!???!

Vertical Bangs?
Bell bottoms?
The Roger Rabbit?

Do tell!!!


Back to the pieces in my studio: I am not rushing them: they'll likely be ready Monday, along with some mean green pieces I've been working on: prehenite, gaspite, vintage japanese resin beads....

Just imagine:

mixed metals, copper and sterling
oh how beautiful fiery FIERY opals
volcano necklace
dear sir ring
small opal trinket necklace
double flowering opal ring

Holy guac.
With extra avocado.

Mirth mirth mirth,


Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

oh wow. Gosh that made me giggle - Sally Jesse!!

Being from Vancouver I was subjected to the grunge scene at about 13 - this means baggy ts, baggy jeans, doc martens and brown lipstick.
Oh lord....

Tasha Imajin said...

Oh my in-between stage! I first realized just how odd I looked in 7th grade when I compared myself to the impossibly cute and grown up looking 8th graders.

Limp blond hair turning kind of ashy brown with my ears sticking through, pre-braces overbite, big round heavy glasses with arms that swooped over my ears from hinges at the bottom. Thin noodly arms and legs sprouting from a short torso, like a 4 legged spider. I'm sure my pants were too short.

I like to think odd looks helped me grow a personality!

Sunny Rising Leather said...


oh, the brown lipstick: i remember it well :)

Tasha: you just made me laugh so hard I don't know when I'll stop: woooo!

RosyRevolver said...

I had long blonde hair, PERMED, that turned green with our water at the house . . .

red glasses

braces (twice)

bad acne

hot pink Reebok velcro-strapped hightop
(which I wore with lime green scrunch socks.)

It was BAD.

Your upcoming pieces, however, sound divine.

Here's to the awkward phase! (Raises mug of coffee.)


tattooedblogger said...

I just want to know: Are those jelly shoes with tights?.... I loved it the best when I had Dove shorts(2 toned) and matching slip on Vans!.....Great picture little caterpillar...What a BEAUTY you are know..inside and out!
Excited to see the new stuff...mixed metals, copper and silver...great! And a Volcano necklace...Guesss I will be robbing a bank tonight!

dailycoyote said...

haahoohee... we could have been twin ducklings at that age. but I had glasses AND the same time.

Did you guys do the tank top OVER the contrasting t-shirt thing out there on the East coast? And then two colors of scrunchy socks? ACK.

kerin rose said...

sally jessy!!!!!!!

Gabrielle said...

I also had the hot pink Reebok high tops with scrunchy socks! AND the hot pink stretchy jeans to match....

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I am oh so jealous of your reeboks, as I was never so blessed

Perhaps I was alone in that choice fashion statement...


Violet Cadburry said...

I think you look the same: direct, creative and vulnerable. Clothes can't disguise the soul and yahoo for the glasses, you took a risk and that boat floats.

UmberDove said...

JELLIES! HA! Oh yes, I was right there with some VERY choice fashion decisions, but it makes me love my parents even more that they let me leave the house wearing statements that I so fiercely believed in.

So. For the record.
Age 5: Silver Moon Boots (the deep snow type) worn year round in the Sacramento valley heat.

3rd grade: Striped biking shorts, worn with STACKED SOCKS and an over sized t-shirt tied in a knot at the hip.

6th grade: Bright lime green Ladies Roper (Wrangler) jeans. Worn with absolutely everything.

9th grade: Knee-high silver Doc Martens (yeah, I've always had a thing for silver shoes) worn with a cut-off white jean mini skirt.

I've always been so cool.

Runs4fun said...

i had---a gorgeous (i thought), cow dress. no kidding. mom brought it back from Italy. it was a guernsey...fake short fur (very real looking) mini dress/jumper with an orange bead hip belt...and...(this part still slays me) a psychedelic turtle-neck cat suit...of paisley mod colours. how i loved that outfit. i wore it with patent-zippered white knee high boots. i even still have a photo!

skinny, athletic semi tom-boy. flaxen blonde, blue with a sizable gap between my front teeth...knobby knees (i so wish i still had) awkwardness came from developing girl-bumps too early---on that skinny, hipless frame, and was taller than everyone until high school hitting 5'2" in grade 5. i can still hear the boys....sing-songing. they called me 'twinkle-t-words'.

Ahhhh...thanks for the memories!

Love to you.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Two words sum up the 80's for m:



Taddyporter said...

ohhhh yes the infamous velcro high top boks(kwaoooaoquaowowovelcrosound can't you hear it?)mine were just plain old white but I wore a lot of grey and pink with them and leggings, black of course. and scrunch socks but remember they always lost their elastic too soon and would just kind of, sag....we got a lot of hand me downs from the kids down the road; uhhh so much ugly sheit I have to say, a plethora of patterns and poly "slacks" which my bossy mother would coerce me to wear once a week. I will always always remember though, my absolute favourite shirt that came from them(in those giant hefty bags, like 6 of them a month, quit shopping people for heaven's sake): it was a velour(the softest ever)pale sunshine turtleneck. ahhhh just talking about it makes me smile. I wore it out.

And you are so cute with your denim mini and jellies(which were pretty city, I never had a pair BUT I did have a purple plastic hoody raincoat, remember those? and how humid you would be with it on but you knew you were the coolest shiz there ever was)....

MrsLittleJeans said...

You were too adorable then as you are now!