Thursday, September 9, 2010

They really DO Heal

Last night I went into the Lapidary Club shop and worked a bunch of stones for over three hours.

I have some smaller opals that are holding bits of me together in ways I cannot describe: stones are utterly filled with power, might and good.

My friend Steve works with me Wednesdays, and his cabbing is gorgeous and perfect in so many ways.

I wanted to show you a few things, one I cabbed, two he cabbed, all of which are here with me at home so I can set them in the perfect way.

Oh my.

Side note: I never take pictures in direct sunlight (shiver), but these rocks demand it, so full of riches and bits that lower light would miss.


Ocean jasper with drusy pockets all over the freaking place. Holy. HUGE.
Does this belong to you?
(Steve's masterful handiwork)


Flame Agate, mighty and HEALING. SHe who claims this wields a sword, cuts down her fears.
(This was cabbed by moi)

The river of opal in this cab would require a video with a great camera: purple, shouting purple at every turn and twist, every tributary meeting at the end is a DELTA that will then flow out into the ocean.

Steve cabbed this gorgeous stunner.

This is beyond collector, this is once in a lifetime opal. HUGE. Picture the seam lit at every end with purple with each motion of the hand. It brings me to tears.

Ladies, claim your rocks if they belong to you-
Convo me.



mywifesstudio said...

Gorgeous Cabs!!! Learning to create my own is next on my list of things to learn. Keep up the great work!!

studio.delucca said...


just.... wow....