Friday, August 12, 2011


These rich and beautiful apples appeared this summer, the first time the tree has borne fruit
since we moved in.

They are, as they ripen, being eaten and pecked by the birds and squirrels with whom we share our outdoor space, and though I dream of an apple gallette made with fruit from this
tree, I concede their need to be nourished is greater than mine:

I have a plethora of farmer's markets from which to choose:
their choices are not so generous!

Meyer lemon minis are sprouting and getting fat...

Figs, the favorite amongst our backyard breathren, two or three weeks away from

alas, I will never know their sweetness - they belong to the jay who nests
in our trinity of palm trees stretching too far into the sky:
they make Anthony nervous (the trees, not the jays) -
they make me happy.

It is fruitful inside the house as well:
the studio time today yielded this bag which I had nearly finished before I left for
Minneapolis: it just needed color and a tidy stitch or two.

Speaking of tidy, there is something delicious and sexy about its compact design:
a bit bigger than the size of a cd
2 inches thick
perfectly symmetrical

capable of holding the perfect amount of things for
a farmer's market outing
boardwalk jaunts
ice-cream runs
truck pulls
county fairs
state fairs
national museums...

This belt bag bears one of my favorite flowers:
the poppy.

Poppy is what my sister and I called our father (and still do!) growing up:
I cannot look at the flower without thinking of the man I so love
and look up to

which means a lot of fond wishes go right into the leather while I work,
delicately painting
thoughtfully stitching
musing on family and blessings...

Look for it in the Leather Shop
in the next little while!

Sending peaceful, gentle thoughts to you on this


Nialah said...

Welcome home!!!

I am envious of your summer garden. And that bag is gorgeous.



UmberDove said...


Anonymous said...

sending those thoughts right back to you!

love and light

RosyRevolver said...

Beautiful bag. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful woman.
Love you.

MrsLittleJeans said...

so tidy, beautiful, vibrant, do you do it?

resolute twig said...

Just delicious!!