Saturday, August 27, 2011


Tomorrow Anthony and I leave for Sacramento, CA where we will spend a few days
wrapped in the love of his family: I cannot wait.

I miss them when we're away, or they're away or both...
so different from my own nuclear family and yet still MINE:

They laugh and chime in when I talk shit during chickenfoot or Skipbo
They tell the stories everyone's come to memorize with a bit of extra added theatricality each time (the lightning that used to strike the tree on the side of the road is now striking the car!!)
They squabble and forgive quickly and efficiently
They knit, crochet, sew, whittle and farm
They LOVE, and how - that seems to be the biggest shared trait amongst both of my families-
the gift of knowing how to love.

As I was working on this marvelous tooled leather raven wing necklace today,
I thought tearfully about the moment tomorrow when
Anthony's delightful Grandma Kelly
will put her palm against my little growing bump -
three generations of love,
all in one room.

The missing piece will be Anthony's Grandpa, who passed last year
in the fall...
But I know if we all concentrate enough, we'll feel him there,
along with both sets of my grandparents
witnessing this new life from somewhere beautiful,
looking younger and healthier than they did when each left us
smiling their tender grandparent-ly smiles - the ones that spoke volumes
of love, loyalty and pride.

Tonight they're in my fondest contemplations, all of the generations that came before
with their struggles and triumphs,
gifts and curses.

This necklace holds these moments of memory,
wrapped in leather
found coral (Anini Beach, Hawaii)
and oxidized sterling silver.

In the Metal Shop this evening.


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Marcie Abney said...

Saw your handiwork on the front page yesterday, congratulations on recognition for work beautifully done!