Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Seeds of Flight

When I think of the fondest dreams I've ever had, they are always reveries of flight.
Above my childhood neighborhood I soar (even still!)
higher than the trees
atop the rooves of sleepy Pennsylvania
on my way to something better

Sometimes I wonder if the beauty, grandeur and ache of those very dreams
propelled me to big places like New York City
and Los Angeles...

were they perhaps the seeds of my flight?
Did the dreaming give courage to the waking girl?

I suppose I will never really know for sure
the way none of us can
about anything, really,

but I have a hunch that in those lucid, rapid-eye moments of wonder
there were kernels planted

Right in the heart of me.

Some seeds and wings of your very own,
in the METAL SHOP later today.



Anonymous said...

Ooo, I like the asymmetry of that little dangle.

WillowMetals said...

Love, LOVE, Love, Want, WANT, want :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful words
from a beautiful soul

there are for ever those things we will just never know
the amazing wonders of this life
making us all hungry for more....

love and light

RosyRevolver said...

No wonder you are always the one to give me the bird's eye view. Fly high, lovely. You are beautiful, and the beauty just grows.

Dave said...

truly beautiful