Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Feathered Waist

It is said every year, "This is the time. I am going to begin ________ now."

for some it sticks and becomes habit, for others it remains a dangling carrot that grinds the teeth down and unsettles the sleep.

If only we could get just ahead of it, there'd be time
there'd be the possibility of anchoring firmly into that juicy thing
we so want.

This belt is a magic charm
with two feathers
and a rich piece of Nevada turquoise
intended to propel you far enough ahead of that dream
to head it off at the pass
and wrap your arms around its width
shouting, "MINE!"
at the top of your beautiful lungs.

27 inches long from ring tip to ring tip,
the half-belt is meant to be threaded with a vintage scarf or sturdy ribbon.
the punching and stitching and tooling and painting and lining and edge work is all done by hand and with a tremendous amount of love.

Turquoise for grounding
feathers for flight
mandalas for prayerful living
and scalloped edges for femininity.

May it be yours
may you be bold in this new year
and righteous in your ways
more and more with each passing moment
 a part of the order of things
created by love
united by openness
and perfumed
by the burning passion
of faith.

May it be so.



RosyRevolver said...

Beautiful. In craft and intent.

Love you,

thewindhover said...

Oh gosh dear Sunny, I love this. May it be so indeed!

Cat said...

beautifully stunning Sunny!!!!
love the thoughts behind the craft
as always♥

love and light

jessicajane said...

beyond beautiful.

creative quest said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!

pencilfox said...

you really rock that belt!
and it's beautiful, too!


Katie said...

I must have a half belt from you this year! Every one is just stunning.