Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Creative Reset Day Two: Honesty

We move from the storied past to the present moment - greetings from here!

Today is for looking in the creative mirror and reporting on what we see -
what we actually see, not how we look from our good side
or hiding from that unfortunate tooth with a lopsided grin.

If we are honest with ourselves then there is someplace to actually begin
as opposed to the manic-doggy-paddle-dance we do when we're trying to keep up a charade.

Maybe right now you are feeling deeply at peace with your work, process and your rhythm,
blissed out for real
or maybe you feel a bit boxed in,
quite like tearing out your hair for frustration.

Heaven knows that the only way out of a place is through it:
we can only be where we really are, anything else is a waste of time and bows to our fear of outward perception. Therein lies one problem for those of us who make a living online, sharing bits and snippets of our inspiration and lives through our work and writings: how much to share, where to draw the line between engaging the interwebs and keeping nose to the grindstone in the effort to continue making art.

That my friends is as unique a balance for each person as their fingerprint.


Go and plant yourself in front of a mirror today.
See that familiar trustworthy face in all its glory and look deeply into your own eyes -
the core of where you stand is right there.

Perhaps there is a glint of playful sass
 a deep sadness that needs attention
or maybe you're tired as all hell and a nap is in order.

Be as honest as you can with mirror you
and if you/she cry a little that's ok, too: sometimes we forget to be gentle and kind to ourselves
and mirror-gazing can bring out our sense of warmth and compassion normally extended only to others.

When you go to your journal for today's writing
I hope you'll do the same plain assessment without any bravado or artifice.
Just being and writing the way it is.
I dream you'll plunk yourself right down into the now and name the thoughts and feelings 
as though they were the flora and fauna of a world you observe with a scientific eye
keen on discovery and is-ness.
There is no one to impress here, just ourselves.

Journal for the day:

How do you feel creatively right now?

Where do you stand in relation to your dreams?

Are your wishes and goals current or outmoded?
(this will be very useful for tomorrow's writing)