Thursday, January 31, 2013

Creative Reset Day Seventeen: Clean that Space, Girl!


I'd like to excuse myself from the state of the clutter by saying that um silversmithing is a dirty cluttered vocation???

I know smiths with pristine benches,
so just as with everything else, it takes all kinds to make a world.

This is my trajectory:
Deep cleaning
gradual decay into what you see above
rinse and repeat.

It's time for a deep clean.

Since Orion was born I've noticed that every other space in the house
HAS to be clean or I begin to lose my mind
but the studio gets the butt end of the deal.

I keep it respectable, but not shining.

It's time for it to shine. 

Today I know that there are these magnificent pearls of design ideas just behind my eyes -
what do you want to bet that they come tumbling to my hands once this space sparkles?

I'll wager a pretty high amount in favor of blissful tumblage.

I forsee the same kind of pixie dust for you too, gentle reader.

Let's tidy up together.

Today's Journal Entry:

 Clean your space

write about the experience while sipping something warm.