Friday, January 18, 2013

Creative Reset, Day Five: Shhhhh.


I don't know about you, but I am beat.

The writing I did over the last few days gave me clarity, some bolstering and a few good Come-to-Jesus moments I needed.

Today's assignment is writing-optional.

Set a timer for fifteen minutes.
Light a few candles, sit cross-legged on the floor preferably on a cushion and close those beautiful eyes.

Concentrate on your breathing.

When thoughts come, see them as clouds in the sky, watching them pass and not following behind with any interest. Sometimes in the interest of staying focused on breath I count and see how many inbreaths and outbreaths I can get to before I 'think' - it's a disarmingly small number.

Toward the end of meditating I do something that always fills my life with magic, an intentional addition to my practice that I want to share with you in the hope that its spell weaves into your lives, too: we could all use some more good charms.

When I am very quiet and the space between thoughts has begun that gooood toffee-stretch, I picture my entire trunk filling up with a warm amber light
that is so loving and powerful it radiates out of my body and fills the room.
Too good be contained, it glows its way through walls and halls to fill the entire house
before it stretches on to meet the air
and the neighborhood.
For me it pulses like a heartbeat, slow and powerful and so much more than this body could contain.

Once I've reached the scope that the day and my breath will allow, I introduce a mantra into the golden peace of that space:

"I have enough"
"The world is an adventure"

Words of gratitude, wisdom you've gleaned from your writings, anything at all can be dropped into that place and augmented. 

After your alarm goes off (choose a soothing one, if you can..) feel free to write what you felt in your journal, to explore the immediate fruits of this practice.

Ideally this is something you do every day, looking forward to it like candy: I know I do (the candy part - the everyday part I am working on)

May you be blessed, my friends. Thank you for coming along this journey with me, even if it's just to read.

Good things are afoot here.

With Love,