Monday, January 28, 2013

Creative Reset Day Fourteen: Tie Up Loose Ends

This week we get physical like Olivia Newton John!

First step?

Tying up loose ends - you know the ones:
the necklace that just needs a clasp
the half-formed design you knew would be well-received
the packaging revamp
that awesome story that lost its appeal after another idea appeared
that test recipe that needs two more versions before it is perfect

I spent a lot of time yesterday going through all the pieces I have and seeing what needed to become scrap and what needed to be finished.

It made me realize how far I've come in the last few years of design.

Sometimes tying up loose ends means that you DO scrap that piece
but if you just have tons of half-finished things it's the mental equivalent of a really messy inbox
that needs a good going-over.

Just as skipping over certain correspondence means missing out on opportunities,
so does having a head full of 'halves'.

 A clean slate means the potential for more cohesive ideas and more time in which to get them done.

Today's Project: Finish a half-done piece
or task.

Once it's done, take a few minutes to do mental inventory:
do you feel more peaceful?

Write about your results in your journal!