Monday, January 21, 2013

Creative Reset, Day Eight: Magic Everywhere

Enamel on Copper, raw quartz crystal

It is everywhere -

beneath your feet
under that rock
toward the horizon in all directions-

the magic of nature, the wonder-full Source of All Things.
Call it God, call it The Universe, call it anything you like,
just call it.

On days when you're feeling parched, seek it out.
Take a walk.
Take a drive away from the city lights
and observe the majesty of a sunset in solitude
or with a soul who understands your aim.

Ditch your smart phone or your Facebook feed
and wander.

This week in my Reset I am moving from the brain to the feet and hands.

Exploring a few more concepts along the way, I am mainly reveling in to this beautiful
soil last week's digging unearthed.

A few key phrases and shames reared up through the writing and showed me the places I am most hurt, giving me room and grace to heal them. 

Today's Journal Assignment:

Take a walk
look high and look low for the unexpected treasures of your neighborhood
or the woods
or the countryside
and when you find them, do a little sketching
with words or shapes or songs,
offering proof of what touched you
and wonder at what filled your spirit.

May it be a magical day,

P.S. - comments are open - if you've been resetting along with me, tell me how it's going!


Brandi said...

There have been tears, triumphs. Letting go of breath I didn't realize I was holding. Permission for myself, and forgiveness too. Emotional exhaustion.
Fear and bravery.
Bravery and hope.

Thanks so much for starting this up, Allison.

Allisunny S. said...

Dear Brandi,
What a huge honor to have you along for the journey with me - thank you for sharing your path. I, too have noticed quite a bit of breath-holding going on - whew!! xo

bonddi said...

I haven't been doing the journey with you, but have been enjoying your posts. Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to see what you are inspired to create.

pencilfox said...

i've been enjoying your posts and have wanted to tell you that....
i'm learning what and when to change. how to look at the world. how to look at myself.

and: my. golly. gosh. i LOVE those amanitas! i must have one.