Saturday, January 19, 2013


Initially I was going to have these weekend days in MY own 21 Days
be like whoa packed with well-refilling action.

Life has other wise and wonderful plans,
in this case they came in the form of my In-Loves arriving to take care of me and Orion a day earlier than their already-scheduled trip.
Moving their lives to accommodate this illness, the very definition of generosity and love.

I have spent the last few days doing very little other than reading
and meditating and getting cozy with moments that have been simultaneously thoughtful and spacious.
I have cuddled and breastfed Orion and then handed him over to the people who love him almost as much as I do while I healed (when was the last time I surrendered like this, good Lord?!)
and allowed breath to do its untangling work.
Talking with my Mama2 about life and work and mothering.
Teaching Orion how to go, "Ahhhhh!!!" after a sip of water, important things yes!

Today began the itch, the drawings for a design that will once again take my work to a new level of personal satisfaction and YES: wildness. 

For this weekend at least, the Creative Reset is rest. Tea. Poetry. 
Firing briefly in the kiln on wobbly but grateful legs.
Books of all kinds for all ages.
A hunger for food once again after four days of peas and toast.

Checking in on my own Mommy after her knee surgery.
Maybe a date tomorrow night?
We'll see: that sounds so far away.

Tonight the babe sighs in his sleep
the fridge burbles and hums
and I turn down the house and the sheets
to spoon my husband
and dream of big cats without fear.

Let's share our thoughts on Monday of how any/all of the Reset days have been thus far, 
shall we?!