Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creative Reset Day Ten: Serving Daily

This week is about moving from the mind to to the body slowly and gently
as a mindful asana practice would flow.

This second week is also about calling the divine, appreciating the holy in things.
Holiness in the woods and fields, holiness in the grey and crowd of cities
with pops of color in flowers and hats.

Divinity in the resistance
and in the used coffee grounds
lapidary wheels
and dirty bibs

Today calls for a walking meditation to be done anytime the well feels plugged and you're not feeling like your breath is quite right. I often feel as though my breath needs a therapy all its own: it can get pretty jagged without the proper amount of care and attention.
When the muscles required to move and release seem to have developed a limited mobility I stop everything I can stop and breathe mindfully, beginning my activities again with a greater sense of ease.

The assignment for today is also a really good kick-through for resistance. It brings it up, makes you aware. 
When things have felt tight I've moved into giving my attention to every movement for Orion, for Anthony, for my family.  Suddenly doing the dishes opens your heart like a temple door. The mundane becomes holy.

If you're rolling your eyes at this you may need it most!

Today's assignment is this:

Everything you do, please do it as though you were doing it for someone you loved more than anyone else on earth. 
Perhaps they've gone before you into The Mystery or they've not yet been born: this will work, too. The greatest love your heart can conceive is what you need to use.

As you boil your tea water, every movement of your fingers is to serve this being.
As you make your breakfast, drive to your job, etc, every turn signal is for them, every
breath and word. Be mindful of your thoughts. Be loving with your actions.

Write about your experience of this mindfulness.

Does this seem exhausting? It's amazing how much it can feel like work to give attention to the daily tasks, even if in doing so we are setting ourselves free from some heavy chains.
Let yourself feel exhausted. If you are resisting, do so for your beloved. You'll find it melts like milk chocolate.

Ideally your art is serving someone: