Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Creative Reset Day Three: Ideal Day

Well I have been waylaid by the wildest flu to hit these parts since the late spring of '07.

Pardon my old west candence, I am writing through an impressive fever
and this is my only task for the day: I can do it.

If I've promised you pictures, pieces or anything else know that there is a delay and I am working hard to hydrate and get well but I cannot say how long this stuff will have its hooks in me:
I never touch my work when I am sick - bad juju.

Let's keep this short and sweet, then - today's assignment is a delicious one
and a welcome respite from the historic and emotional digging I know I resist (but is crazy necessary for creative healing).

The last few days were good for discovery around here with the writing, but I definitely came up against some of my prettier demons. This last year really changed my life and it took journaling to wake me up to the extent of the shifting plates. This is good timing for discovery.

Journal Writing:

If you had the ideal day, 24 halcyon hours please write them out getting as specific as possible
down to wall colors in your creative space
what you ate and drank
pets around you
what you made
who you saw
who contacted you for work
how far-reaching your creative tendrils had become 
(we don't all crave world domination)
where you were in the world
country or city
foreign or domestic
coffee or tea (or me)
what time you woke and retired

Get as clear and clean a picture as you can of this world
and then
do one thing to move toward it
whether it's purchasing a paint sample
or picking out a special pen
taking extra time to cook
rising early
checking out apartments in an ideal city


Hop to it,