Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Creative Reset Day Sixteen: Give it!

Something that few people will tell you is that in life if you want something, you have to give it to get it.

Do you want love? Be love
Want abundance? Be abundant!

That sounds counter-intuitive, especially on the abundance issue: what if you're hella poor and cannot even imagine how you're going to get through next month financially let alone help someone else be abundant?

The bedrock of this kind of approach to life is faith, and not just empty temporary faith
where you are itching to see results and if they don't come at the right time you begin to spiral downward.
Yeesh - I spent so much of my days like that in my twenties - expecting life to hand me what I wanted without putting in the work to get it.
I would call it a waste, but I did a lot of learning through resistance.

It doesn't have to be grandiose:
a dollar left in a planter outside a mini-mart, imagining the surprise on the face of the man woman or child who finds it...
buying the next customer's _______ at a drive-through...
offering your time or advice or a small token of love to someone who needs it most.

I dare you to not feel your heart swell to bursting: it's addictive.
I love gifting people, and I really like giving love.
I can do that all I want and as secretly as a ninja. A LOVE ninja...
I might just be loving you right now, honey!
I like doing things without the expectation that they'll even come back to me
but they DO.

You'll see!

On the flip side, if you act in an altruistic manner simply to receive the end result of your own gifts and love, that energy goes out into the world, too and shuts everything down.

The place where God gets in becomes so narrow
and yet then the tendency is to fear more, tighten more.... do you see where that leads?
to a constricted creative well
to a small and fearful heart.

As with everything in this reset the basis is the breath.
Breathe through the constriction and fear and limited thoughts.
See them as the surface of the water and know that you are the ocean, Miss.

Do you want forgiveness?
Forgive. Start with yourself.
Do you want a mentor? 
Become a big sis.
Do you want to be appreciated?
Leave a note for your love telling them how much they mean to you, how much you value them.
Do you want people to support your independent art?
Support the work of others!
Do you want to be lifted up?
Lift yourself with care and companionship and a nice warm bath.
Make yourself tea.
Take yourself on a nature hike.
Lift up a friend.

Be of service.
Make a difference.

GIVE it!!!

Journal Entry: Give the equivalent of something you want very badly.

Write about the dove flying out of your chest once it's done.