Monday, August 2, 2010


So, for the last few days I have been puttering before my big silver order arrives ( all recycled sterling, to boot - woot!!!)
with the scraps I've had left.

That's likely why you've seen so many earrings and so little of anything else.

Something is going on inside of me.
When phases like this happen I wish upon wish that you could touch the screen and it would show you, via osmosis, what I am experiencing.

There is great healing taking place in here, great peace.
I am meditating again, in earnest.

I will be posting a video blog in the next few days to talk about some organizing principles I've been embracing since I got home, again in earnest.

When I left for Los Angeles I realized something had to change: I've felt so busy for so long, juggling the two shops and new songwriting urges and running this big ol' house with the ten million plants I seem to have accumulated throughout the last three months.

I kept having moments where I felt too overwhelmed to even choose a cabochon to set: the muse was always here, the work was piling and I was unfocused and in a bit of psychic pain over it all, quite frankly.

I like when the machine of my life is humming and balanced, and something had tipped over quite a bit.

I am now trying for that glorious middle once again, making with the imposed limitation of scraps (Twyla Tharp would love where I am now, Annie, my love!) created an odd amount of space in my heart.

I have come to realize that though I may embellish with dots and lines and such, my creating style is quite simple and lately I've been loving the idea of letting the stones sing even louder.

I've also been loving the idea of using glass and beads and new things.
I am also teaching myself how to engrave metal with tools.

In short, I am growing.

So simple, so clean and delightful are these Mint Mojito earrings... I am in love with the idea of a foxy lady wearing them for cocktails with her love, in heels and an elegant trench to ward off the evening chill.

And these.....
ah, these special special drusy earrings: the stones have little diamond shine in them, lots of sparkle and man it just kept eluding the camera.

Rest assured they are like a thousand facets in the light.
And even in the dim.

Tomorrow my sterling should arrive, and that means unlimited choices, but before this round of minute pleasures is over, I will be showing you some opals and some chrysoprase and even some amber tomorrow: delicate beauties with art deco coloring.
Ooooh, la la!!

Loving you,


Nialah said...

Takes a moment to absorb the calm and balance that surrounds you and then giggles like a little girl and envelops you in a giant hug.

Sending you lots of love.



CrowNology said...

I picture you as a scale...Arms outstretched and full of life, love and beauty...Face uplifted, cheeks, lips, eyes aglow with the sunshine from without and the light within...Toes pointed and splayed grounding you to the earth...
A Delicate balance.
But strong...

Happy for you.
Loving these little creations...

kerin rose said...

I love these times of incubation and exciting to know that something is around the bend in terms of a change in consciousness, but not completely clear as to where it will take you...and I know, know , know in my heart, it shall take your translucent soul to even more gorgeous places!


MrsLittleJeans said...

I like to find that middle humming spot too and I love where inspiration takes beautiful, everything...xoxoxo