Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On Hold

UPDATE: Fridge to arrive tomorrow afternoon, food being eaten in strange and interesting combinations, based on how likely it is to spoil.

Just talked to one of my bestest girlfriends whose house in likely in foreclosure and wished to wrap my entire heart around her. May all of your troubles be trivial, friends, like mine.

Sunny of the Bay Area

Friends, neighbors, customers; lend me your ears -


perhaps lend me your refrigerators:

mine has broken down and left us with

coolers full of meat....

and the need to drink 3 glasses of milk in one night.

Having spent the better part of today getting a repairman in, hearing his message of futility and sourcing our next fridge, I am behind in my work.

Please know that if I promised you anything this week it will be delayed.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go eat 12 slices of swiss cheese before they wilt.

Love and Failed Compressors,

7 comments: said...

Oh Lordy, I wish you lived close to me! I just gave a perfectly good one away two days ago. Worked but didn't need one for the garage so off it went. damn . . .

Good Girls Studio said...

Oh no!! Hope you found some coolers & iced down the food before it all went bad! Good luck fridge shopping! You could probably grab one pretty cheap at a Habitat for Humanity shop if there's one close by.

Emily said...

Noooooo! This happened to us last year during the hottest week of the year and it was pretty unpleasant. We eventually ended up getting a new (used) one that has been completely wonderful.

Hope things are resolved soon! Though your CD is in Etsy finds today which is AWESOME! Cograts!


MrsLittleJeans said...

I hope it is back very HOT! xoxo

UmberDove said...

Warm swiss is the thing nightmares are made off...

HOWEVER, fear not friend, just take a big ol' bite outta it and sleep sound!

Ann from Montana said...

Prayers for your friend. I cannot imagine the pain involved there.

I hope your new frig or parts arrive toute suite as well.

John Dearden said...

Sorry to hear your failing fridge. Our neighborhood power was out for almost a week (a few years ago). It is truly amazing on what you can come up with for creative meals.

I found a few mystery items in there as well.

Good luck with the new one.