Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why my Shoulder Aches

A lovely clutch, part grasshopper green garment leather, part tooled leather with scallops and a Luna Moth.

Please do feel free to convo me about reserving it: that seems to be the way it goes these days, which is thrilling and exciting for a creative soul.

This clutch got snapped up by a savvy reader last week, and I cannot wait to see how it turns out once it gets its resist and antique!!!

Here is the big Luna Moth bag (already privately reserved) having been completely tooled and awaiting its colors.

Anyone who has ever tooled anything larger than a patch or a strip cuff will tell you how much it gets into the body: you have to break it into segments
otherwise the body starts feeling so....
Is that the right word?

Right and left do not function the same after a long day of tooling and so pieces like this take days to complete for the breaking up of the work.

It's worth it: the waiting creates a sense of patience and a really happy smile when it's all done and on its way to the woman who will rock the hell out of the piece.

And then Inspiration unpacks her bags, asks which bed is hers and says she's not sure how long she'll stay and the whole process begins again.

Actually, she's already here and the next big bag is going to be a sea turtle:
face and fin on the front
Tail on the back.

I am too excited!



Nialah said...

Ohhhh sooo pretty dear Allison. I absolutely treasure the clutch that I got from you as I know the lucky ladies who claim all of these will.



MrsLittleJeans said...

So pretty...and take care of that shoulder! xoxoxo

kerin rose said...

it is so much fun to see your artistry grow and grow....and watch you collecting the appreciators to support it! ;)....

These bags are like moving sculptures!....lucky gals!


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Oh it's gorgeous! I wish it could be mine, but I'll have to envy the lucky owner instead.

I had an encounter with a luna moth a few months ago and couldn't get enough of it. I think I took a hundred photos of it, the poor thing.

tattooedblogger said...

My clutch says "Hi"...and also hopes your shoulder pain doesnt stay too long...She remeber the journey too...You are amazing

Lindsey said...

I decided to tool a large bag because of all your beautiful bags and oh man am i sore. i have been working on it the past few evenings for hours and it's been killer. almost finished though!

you are an inspiration. have a great day!