Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Significant Joys

1. Living five blocks away from one of the largest libraries west of the Mississippi
and finally taking a morning to get a card

I am salivating, honestly. Five floors of words, ideas, truth and fiction....
I find libraries to be holy places.
I missed you, borrowed book smell!

2. Tender, fragile evidence that my Maidenhair Fern, Marian, is appreciative of the filtered water and near-perfect light she receives.
Fiddle on, babies!!!!

Fleur de Sel cupcake with a side of Anthropologie-gazing.
Oh, yes.


My heart sings arias about his face every time I behold its feline grace.

Ahhhhh- the cuteness!!! Please, blow up this picture, and look at her miniature sweet face!

(incidentally, yes we still have a half-full room of boxes: two moves in one year and we kinda said "F*** it - let's unpack when we get a dining room table and a few cupboards"....yeah. Our priorities are in order - love, happiness, business, everything else that could possible matter, dining room set.)

These mice are evvvvvverywhere.
Janey brought one to bed and proceeded to play at our feet at 5 AM.

This is not a complaint: every creature should be so lucky as to have more mice than they could ever chase down

and every pet owner should be so lucky to have a happy small chirping kitty playing at their feet while the sun begins to shine.

Life is such a gift.
Such a gift that I couldn't even keep count of my joys today :)



jessi sawyer said...

oh my word...fleur de sel CUPCAKE?


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Jessi - *bites finger* it is TRUE!!!!!

and so delicious I cannot tell you how delicious it is!!

Good Girls Studio said...

yummy cupcake gloriousness! Lots of joy for your mouth :)

Heather Fawn said...

Beautiful post....ahhhhh..the smell of used books, beautiful kitties, Beeeeeeeautiful cupcake, and beautiful Allison!

jessi sawyer said...

I do believe I'm craving and pining for something I've never had before. Is that even possible?

MrsLittleJeans said...

This post is making me smile ear to ear...I see your furry blessings are giving you much joy. I love the yellow carrier in addition to everything else in that picture, and I so love that your priorities are in the very much so right order!


Nialah said...

Ohhhh cupcakes (with shop gazing), kitties and books. 3 of my favorite things.

genie marie said...

Thanks for making me smile today!

CrowNology said...

It is a joy to see your joys.
Life is a wonderful thing.

{Thank you for the fabulous, uplifting comment. I am honoured!}

mme. bookling said...

"I missed you, borrowed book smell." HAAAA. Totally. Congrats on your new library card. Another thing I love about library books is the deadline imposed on the reading of them. I am seriously SO bad right now at not finishing books. Urg.

Angela said...

What a wonderful-sounding day!