Friday, August 27, 2010

Luna Progress

Going away for the weekend on a happy/sad trip to see Anthony's Parents-

Happy because we get to see them (and Beth!)

unhappy because they'll be gone for a long time to go take care of Mama 2's parents, her father is really having a hard time right now.

Ah, life.

I had some stone trouble today. A few rings didn't make the cut and so I feel heavy and tired.

Leather, however, sang a beautiful song and I listened.


Luna moth clutch will be in the shop next week and the custom big bag will be finished around the very same day - I plan these things :)

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday,

P.S. - Jenn2 - white balance exploration ahoy!!!! Looks a bit better, methinks!


jaunebleu said...


Do not be sad about the stones/rings. It happens. It simply means that something beautifous is in the works and you may not even realize it yet :)

Have a great weekend!



Heather Fawn said...

Eeeekkkkk....The bag & clutch look amazing! Have a safe trip this weekend....Sending good vibes to the mama's parents, dad. Hope you got your new fridge and it is settled in it's new home :)

John Dearden said...

I love watching all the steps from the photo to the current stage for the luna moth. Very nicely done.

Nialah said...

*hugs* lots of love to you and your family dear Allison.

jentwo said...

Yay! Can't wait to see La Luna when she is all done!

Ann from Montana said...

Oh yes on the white balance - did the trick!

I am growing to love Luna!

resolute twig said...

the bag looks wonderful!

and hope all goes well with the family.

Taddyporter said...

Hi lovey(NO not the lady from Gilligan's Island and was that not the most inane show and so why did I watch it every afternoon after school??)...hoping you are well and fine. and what gorgeous and glowing lunas these are becoming. Your handiwork is delectablenomnomnom.

Kristin Malotte said...

This is a beautiful design! I also work with metal and leather, but have a much different aesthetic I'd say...your work is beautiful, I'm glad I found you here in cyberspace!