Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Variation on a Luna Moth

Woe is me that my camera work cannot seem to pick up the gradual and painstakingly gentle shift from green to nearly yellow at the moth's head....
tante puis!!!

It's 105 degrees outside my house right now.

I am going to yoga: yin yoga. Restorative is the only way today, anything else wouldn't be gentle or nurturing, and I aim to nurture this body.

How do you nurture yourself in this heat, Ladies and Dave?



Heather Fawn said...

Woweeeee....Those are some beauties ;)

scolarichris said...

It is amazing the colours & the texture you can create on leather. Beautiful work.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Moth is only lovely when you draw it...How do I nurture myself in the heat? I try to find my way into some pool... : ) Have a great Wednesday Allison! xoxo

jaunebleu said...

I stretch out on the bare floor and stay still! I love how peaceful and grounding that is.

Gorgeous, as always Allison! :)

jentwo said...

Try experimenting with different white balance settings on your camera, and see if that brings out different or better colors in the moth. That's usually what I try when the color is "off." Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. :-(