Thursday, August 5, 2010

A necklace for when you lose your path

Every so often I make a necklace that is so chock full of meaning and intention that it makes me cry.
I am pretty sure I've documented that here in my blog numerous times.

I know when I am making it that I am making it for someone who really needs it: who will benefit from the pieces, stones and meaning wrapped in its metal soul.

Oh, and don't forget prayers, but I surround everything I make with those.
They are much like breath to me.
A moving meditation.

I made a necklace like this a few years ago, last year I suppose -(time!) and it had a gorgeous hand-carved wooden owl bead: I was able to find another one after a lootttttttt of digging: this one has two owls, one on either side of the circle, with those beady little eyes and the beauty of real wood...
The owl is for wisdom.

The mookaite, which is effectively ancient mud, represents the sense of being grounded: of standing firmly on the earth, supported and nurtured as you nurture her.

The hammered, thick sterling ring is a promise ring: a ring you give yourself in faith, promising that you will always be here for you, always be working on new ways to love yourself, to find your best Soul and stay focused on being That.

The necklace is not overly long, but it wears kind of like a lariat with the length running down into your heart chakra.
On purpose :)

I cannot wait to see whom she belongs to....!

This and a special little necklace made of chrysoprase and coral will be in the Metal Shop tonight. After this coming Monday all of my updating ends and preparing for my trip begins:

I am exhausting the muse so she'll allow me some good refueling and rest while I am away and seeing such beauty with my parents.



Cat said...

oh. oh. Allison. that necklace makes me gasp outloud and pine. Oh, the owls! oh, you and your talent, the muse is good to you.

patty said...

I am new to your blog, I love the meaning you give your work you are my newest inspiration!!!

kerin rose said...

what a lovely map to help someone find their way home!....

have a beautiful visit w/ the parental units! :)


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Cat; here's to finding more owls for you :)

patty: welcome, hello and thank you for reading!! :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

What a beauty! I did not know that about mookite, nor about owls...Have a lovely weekend Allison!