Monday, August 23, 2010

An Opal Valentine to a Volcano

I spent a great amount of time last week traipsing around land that was rich with wonder and beauty, built on the backs of the Cascade mountains, renowned and cursed with beauty that is born of strife:

Volcanic Beauty.

Hillsides and piles of trees like matchsticks tossed about by a child with wildflowers peeking out, the growth of thirty years' time at Mount St. Helens.

57 people perished when the North side of the mountain blew first outward and then upward in a spectacular show of the earth's might.

Nothing I can write about this mountain could ever express the way I feel... she is forever carried in my heart, along with the pictures and stories of terror and rebirth, a living Durga for the Pacific Northwest.

So smitten was I that as soon as my feet landed in the studio I got to work, diligently working out a design:

my requirements:

an organic representation of a cone in brass, with elements of both flat and round

Sterling granules to represent lava and pyroclastic flows

And on the inside, a Mexican fire opal of such wondrous red with a rainbow of moving light inside,
the earth itself.

This piece will be in the Metal shop this evening, along with the four custom orders.
It is a size 7.75 and can not be resized.


Heather Fawn said...

What a cool design, I love it!!! Beautiful stone too :)

DalaHorse said...

Really enjoyed your beautiful trip photo's....and also your kitty video post from earlier. Awesome ring!

kerin rose said...

Love love love that you seem to be getting ever more conceptual w/ your metalwork!....gorgeous photos, ring, and of course you and your kitteh! :)


MrsLittleJeans said...

I love your ring and your photos...don't know what else to say except that it is good that you are back home! xoxo