Saturday, August 7, 2010

Something Special for the Shop Tonight

Mental Path:

A. Thinking of our fast approaching two year anniversary I was wondering where we'd go when my mind wandered back to Monterey, CA where we spent last a weekend last October bopping around tide pools and feeding seagulls out our hotel window....

B. Tidepools.... I love tidepools!!

C. Get out the hammer - tidepools there shall be, in sterling, of course!!

And so a day later here they are, in three sizes, all languid and limpid and gorgeous.

I recently made the switch to Liver of Sulphur for my oxidation and my oh my, there is such a difference - viva la stench!!!

Don't worry, the earrings smell great: the LOS itself is a doozy, but they get a nice fresh bath afterwards and the brushing process makes them clean as a whistle.

Hop on over HERE and see them for yourself!



RosyRevolver said...

Gorgeous. Love the photos too . . . everything looks wet and dramatic and lovely.
xoxoxo said...

languid - limpid
perfect for august
:: lynn ::

MrsLittleJeans said...

I love these...

emmy d said...

I am just LOVING these!!