Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ah, Yes...

The letdown has arrived, and instead of simply weeping for more than just an evening I have decided to peacefully carry it with me on my errands and in the studio.

In my pocket like a list of very very important things to be cradled.

I made a reminder necklace (for the shop, but also for my mind) that features an Imperial Jasper of the most stunning design: a hooded Monk-like figure heading into a doorway. The stone reads in shades of pink, shell and maroon and the back reads:
"Darkness is a Doorway to the Light"

Haven't you always noticed that the darker the doorway the brighter the "Eureka!" that gets shouted from the other side?

Indeed, follow that Monk without fear. This stone is a prime example of why I will always seek out the extraordinary rock, even though they are more costly: they tell a great story.

There is a chrysoprase necklace with the words "Lit from Within" inscribed on the back - the stone has its own light source, so it seems (and often does with Chrysoprase).

Lastly there is a stunnnnnning Chinese turquoise ring with all sorts of bubbles and dots in a size 8. The stone has a few scuffs and so the piece will be discounted - I prefer them perfect and you benefit when they aren't - the imperfections are not at all visible to the naked eye, just to eyes like mine who see all!!

I am off to the Farmer's Market: my very first one here in Petaluma!! 


susie said...

You always use amazing stones, and these are no exception. Glad to see you home creating again - 21 states - you amaze me! Take care.

nicole said...

the inscription on the imperial jasper necklace took my breath away for a second - a perfect piece all around. xo

Two Bees said...

What beautiful pieces! I love the ring!