Friday, June 5, 2009

Back to the Beginning

I feel like I have known Mr. Matt Coleman for a lifetime and some change: he is an integral part of my daily thought and a brother in music and heart. Phil has been a great surprise, along with Mustard, Applesauce, Matt Wkcoff and the whole gang.

When I first met Phil Mielke it was at The Vault where a bunch of people were playing on a cold, cold night - he and his amazing girl Jessie had brought heaters and we gathered around them sharing conversation and drinks.

A few months later Matt and I decided to do a tour of Arizona and Phil happened to be traveling in AZ at the same time - would he stay with us in our hotel for a night before driving off to see family?

In saying 'yes' who could have ever predicted the way things would work out? One year and some months ago we sat at a plush booth in a spectacular restaurant (Dick's Hideaway in Phoenix - yes it really IS that dark inside!) and forged a friendship. This afternoon we ate brunch and drank Bloody Marys at the very same booth...

the love has aged well as good friendships do and the subject matter this time around was deeper and more important.

Being on this trip with these two exceptional men has taught me more than I could have ever learned in any other way: an amazing education in care and ease.

Cheers to the future and all the things that have been created in the simple act of taking our show on the road.


mommy said...

Mommy and Poppy are so glad that Pittsburgh was one of your stops on this amazing musical journey. We got to know Matt, Phil, Irene, Jesse and Jeremy and we are richer for it. We are grateful for the safe return of our new traveling family. I am still floating on a cloud of joyful memories. Say "hello" to Anthony for us and rock the house in Redlands.


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Mommy - you learned how to comment on my blog :)
Thank you thank you thank you!!! :)