Friday, June 19, 2009

Pretty Things in My Home Today


Moctezuma Agate Custom Order

Janey my beloved

Jacaranda Tree Ring with Amethyst in size 7.

The cats are not for sale.

The Jacaranda tree ring will be this evening!


Vita said...

OMG that Moctezuma Agate ring made me scream! :)

Two Bees said...

Wonderful textures...the cats and the jewelry!

Philip Mielke, City of Redlands GIS Administrator said...

Hello from Denver, (and to superjones- what a great cat!).
Sending love to you and Anthony- I like the way your blog shapeshifts according to your creative endeavors. You are awesome, and I miss being crammed into a van with you and Matt. We must make plans to come up and play with you and Anthony in the near future. I'm sure to be heading home to the scorch of SoCal after such pretty thunderstorms in Denver. I'm going to need the cool North and new friends becoming old friends.

You ever been to Charleston? I'm working on something that I'll give you a call about.