Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To the West!!

The long drive back again began yesterday as we wizzed through Western PA and stopped in Ohio to eat the donuts and drink the milkshakes (Graeter's Ice Cream will ship to you for a fee: Anthony and I once paid 100 + dollars for six pints of ice cream from them - worth every penny)
and then continued on to Indiana, where I write this.
Near this cat:

I cannot get a good shot of him because he cannot stop moving: he is gorgeous and witty and his name is Zach. What a love!!!
Speaking of cats, this is Jezebel, whom Anthony affectionately refers to as "Planet Cat"... having just lost five pounds, she has been downgraded to Moon Cat by me as a mark of her accomplishment. 

I miss her already. We all miss our significant others, too : the boys got to see their lovely ladies.. love makes everything easier. And Sweeter - why, just observe the effect of a Jessie kiss on Phil!

Yes, love is good for you. Irene (Matt's sweet Girl) had such a good time that she insisted she could fit into the trunk - though she was convincing we knew she would be better off eating chip-chopped ham sandwhiches from my Mom on her cross-country flight.

My Mummy fed us one last Biblical meal: amazing. Breakfast, or 'brekkist' as my Poppy refers to it. We even had homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie, to which Phil added bacon for a delightful salty-sweet taste.

Pittsburgh, we miss you. Thank you to my amazing parents for their wonderful hospitality, to our show attendees for the UNREAL level of support and love and everyone we got a chance to dine and laugh with.

Oh, and Aunt Sandra? The chocolate cake society will have an insignia soon. Forks unite!!!!


susie said...

You make me want to pack my bags and hit the road - need any groupies? Your family, friends, and the food all look scrumptious. Take care and travel well.

Jessie in Chicago said...

I totally feel that cat's gravitational pull.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Oh jeepers!!!!!

Can you tell M & P that I love BOTH their albums respectively! I've been rotating their music, Steady Heart and Bach for the past few days.