Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Making this particular cuff fills me up inside with space - wide, quiet space.

For as many hours as it takes to complete, I am wrapped in the solace of the leaves and the tendrils and it just makes everything sweeter.

More than ever tooling has been a joy because I have something else to balance out the aches it causes (on the shoulder - poor Anthony has the job of House Masseuse when I am on a tooling bend) and makes me even more excited to come 'home' to it.

This morning I sent a picture to a lovely customer asking her to choose her mookaite, and I realized I should share with you how lovely these stones  are. The two big ones make for an expensive ring, but golly are they ever worth it with their generous dendrites and spectacular colors.

The small pink and yellow baby is far more affordable and every bit as delightful to behold (and to hold!).


Two Bees said...

WOW! They are all 3 beautiful...
(I just saw another kite!)
Great choices!

susie said...

The detail on the cuff is amazing, truly beautiful. I enjoyed the new pieces this week. I am learning a lot about stone choices. I hate to spend money (since I'm still melting/breaking as much as I'm making it seems), but the stone can really make the piece. I'm learning. Thank you for sharing.

Vita said...

I LOVE that cuff!!! Those moukaite cabochons are fantastic too!! drooool!