Friday, June 5, 2009

Our last Gig

Let's be honest: tonight's gig was our last on the road: The Vault will be a homecoming as opposed to a final gig and we are oh so looking forward to it!
Can I show you Old Town Artisans where we played this evening?

I am finally getting the hang of using shutter speed to capture the real light instead of using auto settings, and it is paying off - this is what it looks like: christmas lights in the trees and little treasures of Southwestern life in a small and delightful courtyard.

There was a handful of people there and we gave them all we had in every way we could, just like Charlie Pride.

Tomorrow morning we go to Dick's Hideaway, our reward for a job well done and a path well trodden (tread?). We are done.

Somewhere in me is the small pit of sadness that happens after hard work is over. My gift is that I get to go home to a studio and custom orders galore - I will be kept busy, certainly.

Tomorrow life begins its slow ebb back to 'normal', which is a very different world from my normal of four months ago.

Thanks for coming along with us on this amazing journey: I have met my goal for CD sales and we all find ourselves happy, tired and feeling a bit like we just spread the word.


Dave said...

And I keep spreading the word... every day I tell more people how wonderful you all were...

But of course you know I would, but think of all the other people who are talking to someone else and said, "wow I just saw a wonderful singer with some talented friends.".... exponential.


Sunny Rising Leather said...


you are too kind. We are still blown away by your house concert: rivaled the best professional venues we visited!!