Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shipping Charges to Canada

It always pains me to mention a rise in shipping costs, but in this case I must. A package was either lost of held in customs and it was a one-of-a-kind with a stone that pains me to think of as vanished.

I will be shipping via registered mail to Canada from now on: it is 11.oo USD on top of the regular shipping cost, but I will be charging a flat rate of 8.00 USD to my Canadian neighbors.

This will be through the Metal Shop: the leather can always be made again and the stones are not near-precious remarkable gems in the Leather Shop - they are often focal beads of high quality that I buy in strings, making them replaceable.

I want my customers to have the highest quality product and shipping service. I will be declaring the full value of the pieces going through customs, no exceptions.

I am sorry if this sounds terse, I have always been concerned about the possibilities of something going missing, and since something has it means a price increase as a trade for more security.


InkyTonka said...

That's just unfortunate!! At the risk of jinxing myself, I can say that I've had only happy experiences in receiving jewelry here in Canada from not only the US but around the world. Funny thing though: packages take much, much longer getting to me from the US (at least 10 business days, no matter where the originating city is in the US) than from Australia (5 to 8 days) or Israel (5 or 6 days). And heaven forbid your package gets held up in could be WEEKS before it reaches its destination.

The extra cost of shipping is well worth it, just to ensure a safe journey of a one-of-a-kind piece to its new home. Too bad the extra cost does not translate into faster delivery - it's simply a form of more-secure delivery!


Vita said...

I totally agree with Michelle...I've had the same issues with shipping to Canada but have never had a package go missing *knock on wood*. But I agree, expensive stone and jewellery should be sent more securely's better to be safe than sorry. This won't deter me from coming back ;) If anything, it will make me feel more secure with your shipping methods and how confident you are about your (beautiful!) product(s). I really hope that package for that person shows up eventually!!

Vita said...
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Vita said...

Not that I wasn't confident in your work before...cuz Ohhh I am! ;)

Sunny Rising Leather said...


You make me feel so good for my decision: oh how I agonized about charging more!!!!