Monday, June 15, 2009

My garden

I was so deeply inspired by the handful of amazingly delicious sugar snap peas harvested from my garden and thrilled with the response to the first sprout piece (thanks for encouraging me to make more, James!) that my day yesterday consisted of dreaming up sprouts. 

In silver.

The first ring on the left is a custom order for an incredible soul consisting of Laguna Agate and a mixture of silver and gold. I have purchased my first 14k gold bezel this week and so that means I'll be working a little bit more of that warm tone into a few pieces.

I made a little sprout tree and accented it with a couple of luminous peridot cabochons. This weekend marked a little rebirth for my mind, and so this ring feel mighty good. On the back of the size 9 wide band is stamped the word "Life".

We get to know all seasons - when the fall comes I shall make a fall sprout tree, winter, spring, etc.

The second sprout piece involves black Honduran opal, and like the laguna agate it features a lovely band of dotted silver: extra strong as it is two pieces forever joined.

Black opal is particularly arresting because it is all pinfire: pieces of light in a rainbow of colors. In low lights it appears to be onyx but one trip into the sun makes it perfectly clear that you are holding a miracle. 
This ring is a size 7.

These pieces will all find their way into the Metal Shop today.

Happy morning to you all and a fantastic day ahead!!


::mari:: said...


You just keep growing and growing ... these are beautiful, vibrant, alive!

Go, girl, go!


Elaine said...

really enjoying all that is sprouting up!

Katherine said...

Oooooh, I love all your peas - the carbon-based ones, and the precious jeweled ones!!

You made my day on Saturday. So good to talk to you!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thank you my sweetest ladies!!!
I am really enjoying all of the change and sweetness in my garden - so glad it can translate to metal!!

Two Bees said...

LOVE the black opal ring, ohhhh!

Taddyporter said...

Tasty looking produce YOU are creating Miss Sunny! and some mighty fine snap peas I see as well, yummmm! everything is gorgeous and Greeeennnnn; we are getting a fabulous chlorophyll fix and I like it, yay for June!

have a swell Monday pretty girl.

miznyc said...

1. I love snap peas. I am jealous you have a spot to grow them. But also happy you have a spot to grow them.

2. YES YES YES! I love this collection!!!!!!!!! GO! GO! GO!

Jessie in Chicago said...

three really gorgeous pieces. I'm totally inspired.

jordan said...

oh wow - these new sprout pieces are LOVELY! well done sweet sunny - you're amazing

Dave said...

Wonderful makes me hungry... and of course beautiful jewelry.... I'm sad that it was raining when you were here... I wanted to walk you around the yard & garden and introduce you to my trees. Living on the same property gives me the rare honor of knowing and planting some incredible trees, including a resilient oak that was given to me after my dad died. Then there is the grand young prince Black Walnut. Next time. ;-)

Illustratornette said...

I just want to say I love the cuff. It seems like something from LLOTR. Defiantly want to own one when I can afford it! Beautiful.