Tuesday, June 16, 2009


These last few months have me thinking a lot about home. Haven. Safe, warm shelter.
I love our little Craftsman with a passion I have never allowed myself to feel for a rental.
Sitting here in the warm glow of the kitchen with the cats on pause it's..... so amazing.

This afternoon and evening I finished working on a ring that embodies all things safe and nestled down: an egg hidden well under a roof of sprouts.

The stone is a laguna agate of the RAREST kind - green. That just doesn't happen very often.
On the wide 9.25 size band is stamped the word 'shelter'.

I will get it into the Metal Shop this evening.

I am off to make some stew and listen to country on the radio.
I bid you the coziest of goodnights.


Vita said...


susie said...

Love that ring, love the new lamp - both evoke a sense of coming home, colors in both are amazing. I really like that you are putting the words on the outside of the band. I'm off to get a better look. Take care.

Two Bees said...

The ideas of the sprouts is just wonderful. You seem to have really made yourself a "home", rental or not! Enjoy your space.

Elaine said...

there's so much liveliness in these pieces. i love them to bits!

Sunny Rising Leather said...


Your support and encouragement is just amazing - thank you thank you thank your hearts and souls!!!