Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's Prayers

I nearly wept with love for these stones today, and I also put something into the mix for those who might not have a big stone budget (I am passionate about the power of a stone and most often the stones people know are powerful cost more) and want a little bit of sprout in their life.
These rings are:

Agua Nueva in a size 6.5.... do you see the silhouette watching the sunset at the bottom of the stone?
This one is most assuredly one of the most special stones I have ever worked with.
It made me cry. It made me feel deep love in my heart.
I cried because I know it belongs to someone else: when you make things you know this - sometimes something is yours
Sometimes it has a home it just needs directions to.
On the band of this ring is a double sprout:

The second ring is a lovely little double sprout with a 14k gold dot of honey in the middle. 
Yummy! Size 7.

Lastly but not at all leastly, a stunning Agua Nueva Shelter ring in 5.5 featuring a wide band
and a tremendous amount of detail work.

These rings will be fostered in the Metal Shop this evening and will rest there happily until they find their forever homes.

I adore you all.


susie said...

Looks like you have really hit your stride - nice work!

liz r. said...

My goodness, that agua nueva! Perfectly set, and it looks as if it's found a good home already.

Elaine said...

I ADORE this series. Each piece increases in beauty-- something that I didn't think possible since I fell so quickly for the first few. Love, Love, Love!

RosyRevolver said...

These are beautiful. They remind me of sparklers and sea grass. Thanks for making them.