Friday, June 12, 2009

Up Up UP

And through this marine layer of sadness!!!

 I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I have been running to the studio for solace as the solitude begins to weigh heavy again....
Custom orders will begin being made tomorrow - I needed to take the first part of my week back to just simply enjoy creating again with ideas that arrive spontaneously.

It feels so good, especially after a good cry on the phone with my Mom. The little kid in me will never stop feeling like that is better than sliced bread - sometimes it's the combination of advice and passionate opinion she has been blessed with.

Sometimes it is just simply the very sound of her voice. I wish you could all hear it whenever you were at wit's end.

Just like the darkness pendant of Tuesday, today's pendant is a reminder, with a leafy sprout and a jelly opal sun in brightest orange - a reminder to "Reach for the Light".

Then there was something else I made that I think I must hoard.... still undecided.... it's an agate that is so rare: the white inside looks like a galaxy and it has a perfect white sphere at its offset center like a sun.
I folded a design around it and it's a size 6 and ooooh, ummmm.... errrrr. We'll see.


Taddyporter said...

hello dearest Allison, what beautiful and precious jewels you have created today! I am thinking the thundercloud blue of that gorgeous stone would be quite stunning perched upon your finger, yesseree miss sunny...and there are some clouds looming, are there not? let the rain come down and rejoice in it, it is ever cleansing...

thoughts of you on an overcast Friday sweet friend. Taddy

Sunny Rising Leather said...


These words of wisdom are just what I needed. I always know when something is spot on when it makes my eyes fill. Indeed, let the cleansing be... no need to rush out of it :)


susie said...

Here comes the sun (told ya I always think in songs). I can see your outpouring of emotions in the beautiful pieces you have created this week. I especially love the belt buckle from yesterday, the monk in the doorway, and both of today's pretties. Here's hoping a little sunshine comes your way. Enjoy your weekend.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Not just because it speaks to you but because we were connected yesterday for I made almost the exact same ring and will be keeping it as well.

Miss having you in my garden.

Two Bees said...

After a difficult week I needed to see this necklace. I decided not only did I need to see it...I need to wear it! Thank you for the inspiration!

Two Bees said...

b-t-w...the ring is beautiful also!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Susie, I cannot wait to see what comes from your emotions in your silver!! :)
The sun is out today: I hope it reaches you, too!

Two Bees: Squeal of joy!! :)

Jillian: of course we did - isn't that just too very? I think of your garden and your heart every time I see something green.
I love you!

Two Bees said...

The perfect piece at the perfect time! Thank YOU!

Naomi Mimi said...

Such a lovely little piece of sunshine for a lovely sunny woman.

Always remember you are loved, dearheart :)