Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Convos and Commemoration

Oh My.

So very very very much to do!! Convo city around this Mac.

I left my studio in tip-top ship shape, so no cleaning but lots of tooling, lots of work...

I have a very exciting plan: commemorating the states we passed through.
I am thinking belt buckles and necklaces....
21 states means a whole lot of creating....

Tomorrow the real tooling and smithing begin: today is still digestion city....
really absorbing the stuff that happened, the goals realized.
We rush too quickly into "what's next" without celebrating "holy shit I did it!" enough.

I am contemplating the Holiness and the crapola-ness of the time spent on the road and coming away amused and amazed at our fortitude and fun.
Jones is keeping me company this afternoon and my return to solitude does not feel bad.

It feels still and yes, holy.


Dave said...

I feel honored that I was a part of your trek across the country... hope there is a next time.

God I understand your weariness, your need for a little solitude.... one week I took off from work and a week later I'm still catching up.

Hey so Matt says you know Tom Waits... tell him Dave Zeman says hi...

HA... once though Lori really saw him in an airport all disheveled sitting in a corner... I think she said hi and he grunted... not sure if I remember the story right.

Peace kid... Squeeze your man and pet your cats... get that one backwards and watch out.


Sunny Rising Leather said...


It was such a thrill to meet you... there has to be a next time: I cannot imagine NOT doing this again :)

jordan said...

love dave's last comment
congrats on the huge successes on the road - you and matt (and i'm sure your other buddy) are AMAZING so there was never any doubt in my little pea brain that you'd do well ;)
hope i can be in the audience one day

Two Bees said...

I can't wait to see what comes next. RE-READ your blog from the beginning of your trip...one continuous story. You will enjoy it (with many more mental visuals) as much as we did! Thanks, again, for sharing!