Thursday, November 18, 2010

Engraving and Forming, the First Fruits

Gentle, curving lines I previously didn't know how to effect are now flowing out of my hands like silk...
I practice everyday.

This is a component that will soon go into a necklace with one of my Lucky Strike Agates and boy oh man am I excited!!!

With my newfound forming knowledge I crafted a ring, a flower with five undulating petals and an agua nueva agate center: milk white, red, brown and darkest black.

This one is for the wee fingers, fit for a 5.5.

Be still my heart!!!!

A few more beauties on the bench for this week are these:

wowsers Morrissonite in UNREAL shades of pink, mustard and brown... it's just too pretty, too rare..

One of my slices of Priday Plume!!!

I didn't yet trust myself to cab these with the plumes soooo close to the surface, so I sent them on to Gary and Kathie over at The Agate Works, and as always, their work astounds!!

These plumes are so magical, so dark and mysterious with moss: they are, like opals, best under light and still sweet in dim light.

My easel is set up for painting, with a canvas Anthony's grandma sent to us: Grandpa Larry had purchased many canvases with the intent to use them before he got so ill last year.

With his sad passing, they were sitting fresh and unused, awaiting his brush.
I hope his hand will help guide me as I embark on my first ever series:

animal faces in black and white
behind curtains of tooled leather folliage.

I am too excited to begin and so honored to be painting with heavenly guidance.

Thanks, Grandma, for the gift.



Nialah said...

Breathtaking work in progress. I cannot wait to see where this path leads you dear Allison.



Mari Huertas said...

Oh, ALLISON! These renderings are just exquisite. I can't wait to see the finished pieces begun here – and that ring is just amazing! Carry on, dear woman, carry on!

MrsLittleJeans said...

That's lovely painting and the new pieces too! xoxo

Anonymous said...

the flower ring is gorgeous!!!

UmberDove said...

oh HOORAY! That easel warms my brushy-swiping-heart! It also makes me yearn like none other for our future education tradsies... oooh baby!

And that ring. Oh girl that ring. Yes.

susie said...

I love watching your new skills unfold, love the shapes and curves you're able to achieve. The stones are beautiful as always, can't wait to see that canvas fill up.

Cat said...

oh, well done you!!!! I am so happy for you and your learning, makes me want to get out there and take a new class. xox

Puck's Mom said...

Animal portraits in black and white, you say? Would you consider a custom commission?

jaunebleu said...

Beautifully done!

Your painting ideas sound awesome! What a wonderful inspiration!



Anonymous said...

Susie said it better than I could. :) Lovely and exciting new work.

jordan said...

oh man...the COPPER piece!! it's gorgeous ally!! loving your new creations (and you!)