Monday, November 29, 2010

Wild Warmth

Though not quite a necklace, this unique and soulful piece is neither a scarf: rather, it is a hybrid, the best of both worlds:
cool as a hipster without the irony
and somehow tame

like Pocahontas in England.

A warm mustard Elk hide
one side of the edge left natural, the other
given a punched, elegant lace (found all through the design)

A small button of bean sprout stitched on
and the wee-est rivets placed on either side of the button hole to ensure it doesn't continue to grow...

It is so soft, so lush and so chock full of prayer and meaning: picture me hanging on for dear life as Inspiration moved quickly
and dictated tasks....

"Scallop," it said.
"Punch more!" it cried
"Tea, please!" it implored....

yeesh!!! Is creativity always so demanding???

A strong, delicate piece of my heart
in the Leather Shop this morning.


kerin rose said...

you have a tough but very intelligent muse!

lovely piece,lovely you!

UmberDove said...

Love, oh gosh, love. And maybe even more than that.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Umber: :)
That makes my heart sing!!!! :)

Kerin: I got the lolipops, you gem, you!!!! :) Letter on its way this week with LOVE.

Anonymous said...

so unique
so beautiful
so one of a kind

could it be that is mirrors it's creator? ; )

love and light

Camlo said...

You are a leatherogical genius! A new word, just to describe what you do to those hides!

Corinna said...

Oh wow! Someone was visited by the Leather Muse. You got game, girl!!

sonya rasi said...

Very Beautiful and Unique!

jordan said...

oh amazing and fitting that this is going to the most beautiful umberdove! it was pretty much made for her i think

reconstructing sarah said...

please. make. more.

if the muse allows :)

Snailentina said...

Hilarious! I saw this and went woaaaahhh love and then my brain said "looks a lot like a kelly-esque item" hmmm and she's already landed a reserved. She's a quick one! Make more Sunny, its freaking awesome. Oh mustard, why so cool?

resolute twig said...

this is amazing Sunny.
Love it.

Lorena, sometimes... said...

rays of Golden Sun ...

such a lovely new direction to take your leather work

oh! and that bean sprout patch!!!

lulu said...

That's utterly wild and native!


Cat said...

Oh this IS love! You are astounding. the. end. (which is, of course, the beginning)