Monday, November 22, 2010

The Marvelous Offerings of Monday

Dearest Priday Plume Necklace with the sweetest words "Te Amo" on the back: this is a collector's stone for certain: two pink plumes sitting somehow in FRONT of the scenery, like a mossy jungle looking quite like Birds of Paradise, which I'd never seen until I arrived in California... plants named after birds, who'da thunk!

The chain on which this necklace is strung is study for certain and the whole kit and caboodle will find itself in the Metal Shop tonight.

This Priday is the first of my collector's plume series, and it's quite a darling way to start it off.
Note how the scalloping and edge details mimic the wildness of the forest in there... wonderful stone!!!

A tiny Moctezuma agate sits center stage in this gorgeous scalloped leather cuff. The stone is inlaid with a backing of solid sterling and the scene is decidedly beachy and uplifting...
this is one to get you through the winter.
Fits a size 6 wrist.

In the Leather Shop tonight!!

Gemmy chrysoprase with SUNSTONE faceted beads. Oh, they sing, they flash, they zing the air around them with pure joy.


A Tree Grows over my Heart necklace in Dendritic Agate with turquoise accents!

These sweet necklaces always make me a bit emotional, because of their meaning.

And HERE: a flower of your very own, moonstone and sterling oxidized black on the inside, brushed on the outside, with the sterling dewdrops getting the full shine treatment....

Size 9 heading to the Metal Shop in a dot.


Nialah said...

Ohhhh pretty pretties. I love them all, if only I could make them all mine.



DalaHorse said...

Allison...these are all so pretty and so very you...the leather cuff is awesome!

Anonymous said...

WANT THEM ALL. Seriously!

MrsLittleJeans said...

My goodness, you had a productive Monday and such gorgeous results...I do love them all!

Cat said...

Oh yes to all your work. But more importantly, OH LOVE to all the peace flowing out of your eyes in that last photo. You, my dear, are such a sweet soul.

The Noisy Plume: said...


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Brooke said...

That cuff is SO FABULOUS. And I love how your necklaces are like beautiful little (or not so little) portraits. :)