Monday, November 1, 2010



Handsome Ham

Purring Ham (with crooked whisker!!)

Shy sleeper...

Just wanted to make it a three post day for the heck of it, so here are the kittehs,
hamming and shying as they so often do around these parts.

In the tradition of Mona the great, and her furbabies, the cats send kisses out into the world via their paws:
why did I sound like English was my second language with that sentence?

Goodnight, my dear friends :)



Snailentina said...

Haha adorable!

BlueButtonwood said...

Eeek! That first pic of Jones reminds me of the siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp (my FAVORITE scence of course)! I love it!

I've been Jones and Janey have stories? I'd love to hear how these sweet ones came into your life :). (I'll admit, I'm a hopeless kitty romantic :))

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Snailentina: thank you - I treasure every day with them :)

Bluebuttonwood: why yes, they do have stories indeed :)
Jones was one of six kittens I was going to 'see', which of course means you'll have to take one home. They were free and looking for good homes.
I walked into the room and saw this gaggle of kittens roughhousing all around the place and I looked down and there between my feet looking up at me with the bluest eyes was this baby and I said, "Well hello there, Admiral Jones!!!" and so it was :)
He is my admiral :)

Janey was a feral cat living in the parking garage at USC. She was baited and trapped when she was four months old and she was so scared and submissive when we first met her.
We knew Jones needed a playmate, but she was half his size and wouldn't come out from under the furniture for weeks.
One day we came home and Jones had a scratch over his eye: advantage, Jane!!!
She has become the most talkative (she chirps) little tiny cat and she loves us so completely and only shows her timidity to strangers. We feel so lucky to have her trust and adoration :)

Those are the stories of Admiral Jones and Lady Jane; thanks for asking :)


Alice Istanbul said...

Shy sweet :) Kitty cats bring so much happiness to a home, don't they?

resolute twig said...

they are so sweet :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

These babes are to die for...I have been so busy this week, not able to capture the many emotions and thoughts of my dudes...I am glad your babes are taking over...cannot let those clumsy humans on their own!


lulu said...


I 'know' you over at The Plumes blog and keen to your work, but we've never had 'formal' communication! ;)

So-so happy and excited to have you for the alphabet SWAP!

breaking through the line,